Terrarium Frenzy!!

    I found this shapely, glass jar at Nest … an addictive shop on Route 1 on the Stonington side of Mystic. I created it as a wedding gift for a friend. Although, I came close to keeping it for myself!


Terrarium Tips:

-Fill base of jar with an inch of clean pebbles

-Add a thin layer of activated charcoal (available at Walmart) to stop bacteria and keep it smelling fresh or just take the lid off the jar twice a week to keep it fresh

-Next, dig up soil with moss and lay it in

-Plant succulents ( they are drought resistant) in between the moss

-add shells, coral, sea glass, or small sculptures

-Add a small amount of water and end with a spritz

Open trifle or mason jars make for an easier, airy terrarium. I even used small, shot glasses as miniature vases.