MacDuff’s Spring Playdate


  Spring has Sprung!  The yard is ready for some lively dog play! MacDuff’s furry friends Jimmy, Akira, and Jeter join in the fun!


*provide a clean bowl with fresh water

*keep a roll of dooty bags in a far corner of the yard

*check fences and gate for gaps or holes underneath

*make sure there are shady spots to lay down

*provide non-edible outside toys for friendly play

Sleepy Ocean Waves

     Sounds can transport us to places even if we’re not there!  What will it be tonight? Thunderstorm, Rainforest, River, Ocean Waves, Heartbeat (scary!), White Noise…etc?         MacDuff and I gravitate to Ocean Waves and occasionally Thunderstorm!  Listening to comforting, consistent sounds always lulls us to sleep!! A dried, lavender sachet in my pillow helps, too!



MacDuff On An Autumn Morning

MacDuff Autumn Romping



My name is Duncan MacDougal MacDuff and I’m

9  years young …

 63  in dog years!

I am a West Highland Terrier, so if you throw something … I won’t retrieve it! Hunting for squirrels, ground hogs, and rabbits is my specialty. Although, I’ve never caught one yet! I howl at fire sirens and love to be chased (especially if you pretend to be a zombie). You might see me running and swimming with my many friends: Rudy, Jeter, Wendy, Bella, Akira, Josie, Lily, Ragamuffin, Marley, Moxie, Peter, Jimmy, Peter, Bernie, Ringo, Lucy, Timmy, Scarlett, Jack, Hank, and Tank! Look for me in downtown Mystic!

To My Pal
Does anyone know … does anyone care?
Where you go or how you fare?
Whether you smile or whether you sigh?
Whether you laugh or whether you cry?
Glad when you’re happy? Sad when you’re blue?
Does anyone care what becomes of you?
I do, pal … I’ll say I do!
By J.P. Mc Evoy