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Original miniature oil paintings … by a Mystic artist. A unique party or wedding favor. Custom painted for your special event. Choose a nautical or floral theme!

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Titanic Sails Again!

A magical night aboard the RMS Titanic on October 13th, 2018 …  100% of proceeds benefit the Sails Up 4 Cancer Charity in Mystic ! 

Thank you to all vendors, donors, Navy chefs, and our incredible party crew: Holly, Allison, Russ,  & Kent who made this event a success!

Winter Tea at The Ocean House!


English Tea is a wonderful tradition that reminds us to slow down from our hectic schedules and enjoy the moment. Or in this case,

the view!

       Tea at the Ocean House in Watch Hill, Rhode Island is served in the Living Room with cozy couches, a harpist, and fireplace aglow.  My good friend, Robin and I, opted for Royal Tea which includes a glass of champagne. Royal indeed!!

After the bubbly, we ordered a pot of Himalayan Garden and a pot of Earl Gray. A parade of sweet and savory delights followed! Scones, tea sandwiches, and tiny desserts created with such detail that they seemed fake!  Everything was beyond delicious and would make a unique gift for anyone special to you!

We sat in our Ocean House “Living Room” for hours and then ventured outside onto the veranda.   A storm front rolled through . . . illuminating the icy Atlantic.

Ocean House Tea is served on weekends from 3 to 5pm                      $24  or  $38  with the bubbly




Mystic Pirate Invasion !


Shiver me timbers!!  Pirates from other lands invaded Mystic again this year in October! They keep coming back! Luckily, they were captured and sent out to sea! Scallywags!! The Pirates attacked Mystic by ship … shooting cannons, sword fightin’, and swashbucklin’ in search of treasured Mystic booty!  Aaaarrrggg!


Mystical MerFairie Party

       The glimmer of a scale, the flick of a tail, the                                                                                                    shadow of a fin . . .

                                                        it’s a MerFairie!!                                                                                                                                       

Mystical MerFairies, Mermaids, and Mermen celebrated together creating sand art and building a fairy village!

Thank you dancers from the Mystic Ballet for making a surprise appearance!


Spring Bling Fling !

 Earth Day is Every Day . . .

What better way to honor the Earth than a Spring Bling Fling jewelry and purse swap! No money exchanged.

Someone might love your unwanted Bling!

Mayflower Returns

The Mayflower II, was towed from Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth, Massachusetts to Mystic, Connecticut for 30 months of repairs by Mystic Seaport shipwrights. It is a 1957 replica of the ship which carried the Pilgrims to Massachusetts in 1620!



Did you know . . . 

-The first Thanksgiving was really celebrated in October after the harvest!

-90 Native Americans came to the feast with 5 deer as gifts!

-The feast lasted for 3 days and they ate leftovers for a year!

-Drinking mugs were made of leather and shells were spoons!

-Wild turkeys sleep high up in trees!

-Turkeys can run short distances over 55 mph!

-Ben Franklin wanted to make the turkey our national bird!