Field Trip to History

MacDuff and I ventured inland to…

 Concord, Massachusetts for history lesson. I was about 12 when my parents took us to the sites of the Battle of Lexington and Concord on Patriots’ Day. I can still hear the fife & drum and smell the musket fire!

Thousands still flock to Minute Man National Park in mid-April for Patriots’ Day. You can even visit the site where Paul Revere was captured by the Red Coats or walk along Battle Road just like soldiers in 1775. British and Colonial re-enactors commemorate the “Shot heard around the world” that spawned the Revolutionary War on the Old North Bridge.

         Even if there are no re-enactments, Concord is still a beautiful place for hikes with rolling hills, colonial homes, charming shops, historic sites, and even the lazy Concord River for kayaking.

       The Colonial Inn is a must for an overnight stay or a meal. I suggest dining on the front porch and don’t forget to order the delicious Indian Pudding!


Shrine of My Own


  Probably my most unique find…

is this old church alter with tabernacle that I call a Shrine! Treasured gifts from friends, shells, candles, and other favorite artifacts adorn its shelves. The tabernacle is filled with prayer cards of friends and relatives who have passed. I discovered the French, plaster queen in the abandoned wine cellar at Seabreeze.