Mystic Pirate Invasion !


Shiver me timbers!!  Pirates from other lands invaded Mystic again this year in October! They keep coming back! Luckily, they were captured and sent out to sea! Scallywags!! The Pirates attacked Mystic by ship … shooting cannons, sword fightin’, and swashbucklin’ in search of treasured Mystic booty!  Aaaarrrggg!

Mystical MerFairie Party

       The glimmer of a scale, the flick of a tail, the                                                                                                    shadow of a fin . . .

                                                        it’s a MerFairie!!                                                                                                                                       

Mystical MerFairies, Mermaids, and Mermen celebrated together creating sand art and building a fairy village!

Thank you dancers from the Mystic Ballet for making a surprise appearance!

Stay in a Lighthouse

rose-island-sunsetRose Island Lighthouse              Newport, RI


     Rose Island Light is a just a boat ride away from the tourists of Newport, Rhode Island! Set in the middle of Narragansett Bay, tiny Rose Island, invites visitors to stay overnight or for a week in the actual 1912 lighthouse! You will be given a short list of lighthouse keeper tasks. The light is no longer working, but it it has been restored through The Rose Island Foundation.
     Your stay will be semi-rustic with a water pump, generator for heat, solar outdoor shower, and of course out houses (with a creative shell system…you’ll see)! The entire island is actually a wildlife refuge for birds. Or stay where the soldiers slept in WWI bomb-proof barracks with brick, vaulted ceilings. There are even WWI and WWII magazines where explosives were stored during the island’s Navy Torpedo Station days.
     Here are some events they offer throughout the year: Island Dog Romp, Summer Solstice Celebration, and I strongly suggest staying on the Fourth of July! Over 100 people visited by boat for the 4th… live band, Becky’s BBQ Feast, and a perfect view across the bay of the Newport Fireworks at Fort Adams. I discovered that the best spot for fireworks is at the very top of the lighthouse! An unforgettable show!!

Rose Island Lighthouse Tips:
-dress for windy, chilly weather (even on a July evening)
-bring coffee grounds, milk, sugar and breakfast in a cooler (1912 coffee pot!)
-electricity in some rooms
-try to book the Foghorn Room . . . best view, but no bathroom
-try to stay till 10am to see the huge tanker ships sail by!
-don’t forget your camera!!img_0054

Other overnight lighthouses nearby. . .

Salty Sea Souvenirs


Sea Souvenirs are making a comeback!
Collections of sandy, shell-encrusted boxes and faded paintings of beach resorts are romantic and oh so kitchy!

Don’t forget that giant lobster or alligator postcard. The images are always happy and carefree.

Having sea souvenirs reminds you of sunny, beach destinations all year long!

Here are some of my favorite salty, sea souvenirs .  .  .

Champagne with a Story


When you’re thinking of the perfect champagne to enhance your coastal experience . . .
Veuve Clicquot
Founded in 1772, Veuve Clicquot was named for an exceptional and daring French woman!
Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin

She was widowed at age 27 and became the first woman to take over a Champagne House. She bought the best vineyards and braved the continental blockade to ship champagne all over the world.
Vive la France!


Sleepy Ocean Waves

     Sounds can transport us to places even if we’re not there!  What will it be tonight? Thunderstorm, Rainforest, River, Ocean Waves, Heartbeat (scary!), White Noise…etc?         MacDuff and I gravitate to Ocean Waves and occasionally Thunderstorm!  Listening to comforting, consistent sounds always lulls us to sleep!! A dried, lavender sachet in my pillow helps, too!



Ford’s Lobster in Noank

Ford’s Lobster

There are many incredible restaurants in Mystic, but for something special . . . search for Ford’s Lobster in Noank Village. A waterfront lobster shack at the mouth of the Mystic River. Panoramic views of passing boats, seagulls, and lobster pots. Sit at an umbrella table or dine right on the dock. Luckily lanterns light the dock at night or you could accidentally eat your neighbor’s meal! Look for the red lobster sign!
Open Year Round – BYOB

Ford’s Lobster

15 Riverview Avenue            Noank, CT


Lobster BLT

Fresh lobster meat, bacon, tomato, cheese, avocado on grilled Texas Toast. Oh my!! $22.00


Best Weekend Breakfast – Carson’s Store

Carson’s Store

43 Main Street        Noank, CT


Time Warp 1950!
Feels like your walking right into a Hollywood movie set . . .
swivel stools, soda fountain, rock candy, newspapers, and a lively cast of local characters! Sit at the counter, in a tiny booth, or outside on the front porch.
The food is all new with fresh ingredients and twists on classic recipes.

Here’s one of my favorites:


Sausage Boursin Sandwich
Sausage, fried egg, boursin cheese, baby spinach on a toasted multi-grain Ciabatta Roll. What a great way to start your weekend!


Spring Bling Fling !

 Earth Day is Every Day . . .

What better way to honor the Earth than a Spring Bling Fling jewelry and purse swap! No money exchanged.

Someone might love your unwanted Bling!

Mayflower Returns

The Mayflower II, was towed from Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth, Massachusetts to Mystic, Connecticut for 30 months of repairs by Mystic Seaport shipwrights. It is a 1957 replica of the ship which carried the Pilgrims to Massachusetts in 1620!

Did you know . . . 

-The first Thanksgiving was really celebrated in October after the harvest!

-90 Native Americans came to the feast with 5 deer as gifts!

-The feast lasted for 3 days and they ate leftovers for a year!

-Drinking mugs were made of leather and shells were spoons!

-Wild turkeys sleep high up in trees!

-Turkeys can run short distances over 55 mph!

-Ben Franklin wanted to make the turkey our national bird!